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   San Francisco Chinese New Yr. Festival:  


Harbor Bay Landing, Alameda:          

Wedding Entertainment:

Jazz Camp Festival, Santa Cruz:

Luau Party :

      The Winter NAMM  Show                                                                        Anaheim,  CA.                                                 

 Juan Miguel Showcasing his new KORG PA500 Styles                     Gene Simmons of KISS fame
   Peter Baartmans showcasing the Yamaha Avant Garde    Billy Boyd  performs in the Carter Pedal Steel  Booth
                    Roland Fantom G8 Twins !        Presenting Mister Tyros3 himself: Martin Harris !
      Frank (Audioworks) and Dave (Audix) Strike  a Deal!              It's the Tyros3 Keyboard Triplets!
                          Roland Showroom


                               Tapas Das
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